Every Platform, One Payment Infrastructure.

Develop and deploy your payment solution

Get started easily

Benefit from our comprehensive API to activate payment modules in just a few days.

Boost your revenue

Turn your payments into a revenue stream by earning a commission on every transaction you process.

Meet your obligations

Comply with regulatory requirements (regulated by ACPR, PCI-DSS, and PSD2) without the burden.

Access a scalable service,
fully tailored to your platform.

KYC validation

Onboard your sellers

1POINT6 handles the onboarding and validation of your sellers for:

Minimize Fraud Risk

Add sellers more quickly

Grow internationally (Support in 28 Countries)

Payment Flow

Increase conversion rates

Use the most suitable payment methods based on geographic areas.

Received payments are automatically split between your sellers, your marketplace, and 1POINT6 fees.

Outgoing Transfers

Pay your sellers

Set when and how your sellers are paid and transfer funds with reliability and speed.

Automatic or manual transfers

Standard or Instant SEPA Payment Methods, SWIFT

Turnkey solution

Manage your marketplace

With the dashboard, all your operational, support, and financial teams can collaborate to best serve your buyers and sellers.

Management of refunds and disputes

Financial reporting and reconciliation

Performance metrics monitoring

The solution for a changing world

Built by Entrepreneurs,
backed by BNP Paribas

1POINT6 is a project supported and funded by BNP Paribas, operating completely autonomously in its execution. By choosing 1POINT6, you also benefit from:

The strength of Europe's leading bank
Enhanced compliance and fraud prevention. Increased performance in your acquisition efforts.
The expertise and boldness of entrepreneurs
A dedicated and responsive team. A modern API that meets market standards.
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